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My Favorite Blog Posts I’ve Written In 2021: Blogmas Day 11

This year has been full of many things...some things good...some things bad. One thing for certain, seeing that I'm a blogger, is that it has certainly been full of writing. I've been blogging for ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #38: Today’s Word Is Grateful

Dear diary, The thing that I love about writing these diary entries is that there's no actual structure or even expectation of making the "first page" on Google. There's no word minimum, no list of ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #37: Trying Something New

Dear diary, I recently talked about how something needs to change in my June monthly update post. I've been thinking about changing things up for a little while, and it's still on my mind. I just ... READ the POST

What Motivates Me To keep Writing: 5DOD

Happy Monday loves! It's a new week and the countdown is on until my birthday is here! I also can't believe we're on the last week of the month. The way the days just go by never ceases to amaze ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #26

Dear Diary, The other day I was checking the calendar to see how many more Sundays were left in the month because I had yet to really write out an actual list of topics for the month. As I ... READ the POST

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