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10 Things Every 25-Year-Old Should Know: 5DOD

If you didn't know, I'm twenty-five years old...soon to become twenty-six. I think that when you become twenty-five, there are some things that you expect to happen. You always hear that your frontal ... READ the POST

My Birthday Wishlist: 5DOD

It's day two out of five for 5 Days of Deandra, and today I decided to share my birthday wishlist! To be honest with you guys, I don't actually have a birthday wishlist per say, but I have a list of ... READ the POST

What Motivates Me To keep Writing: 5DOD

Happy Monday loves! It's a new week and the countdown is on until my birthday is here! I also can't believe we're on the last week of the month. The way the days just go by never ceases to amaze ... READ the POST

What To Expect Next Week: 5 Days Of Deandra

It's Friday! Which birthday is next week! I'm excited, but I'm not excited at the same time. I always love when my birthday comes around, but I hate the thought of getting older. I ... READ the POST

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