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Diary Entry #38: Today’s Word Is Grateful

Dear diary, The thing that I love about writing these diary entries is that there's no actual structure or even expectation of making the "first page" on Google. There's no word minimum, no list of ... READ the POST

A Letter To My Old Bullies

Dear Bullies, Some of you may actually see this, who knows. Maybe you've gotten rid of those thoughts in the past. They're just little things in school that happened when you were young that didn't ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #2

Dear Diary, This morning is such a every morning. It's like a fight with my alarm consistently. It's going off and off....and off. Chirping the words "get up and work out" but I'm ... READ the POST

Poem #12: First Dates

There’s nothing more nerve wrecking than that first meet The heart palpitations and thoughts of “damn I just want him to like me” Or just hoping and praying that he’s not crazy. The checking of the ... READ the POST

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