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Diary Entry #45: Call Me The Task Juggler

Dear diary, I feel as if my name should have task juggler behind it because that's exactly what I do...juggle a thousand tasks. I think the craziest thing is having to do everything yourself when ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #44: Exhausted, But Working Hard

Dear diary, I have said it before and I'll say it again...I am tired, exhausted, and everything in between! I know that part of it is because of not getting sufficient sleep, but I'm also putting ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #43: Black History Month Isn’t Black History Monthing

Dear diary, Two diary entries in one month!? Whew, I must have a lot to say...and I do! I don't know if I'm the only one, but this Black History Month just doesn't seem to be the same. What I mean ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #42: Getting Back On Track

Dear Diary, I'm back and now I have to fix the only damage that's done when I take one of these breaks...getting out of the habit of not doing anything and getting back on track. Truthfully, I ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #41: I’m Tired

Dear diary, Long story short...I'm tired. The end of this year and blogmas has truly done a number on me and I am exahausted beyond repair. I was still able to enjoy Christmas and I had the most ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #40: Just Do It

Dear diary, If there are any people that say adults don't play pretend, then they are lying. Plenty of adults play pretend quite often and, especially recently, I have been one of them. I have done ... READ the POST

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