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Diary Entry #51: I have Three Years To Make It

Dear diary, The fact that we are basically at the end of the year didn't hit me hit me. As often as time consistently feels like it's moving in super speed, it's still shocking when you ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #50: Forcing The Creator Mindset

Dear diary, Last month I brought up how the clock is still ticking. In order to hopefully help slow down the fire that is blazing around me, this month I'm going to do the best that I can to ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #49: The Clock Is Ticking

Dear diary, Time is currently ticking for many things in my life, and I have no idea exactly what to do. Being the person I am, it's possible that I will suddenly shut down and ignore the fire ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #48: The Energy Is Gone

Dear diary, I might have taken an unintentional break last week. How can this happen one may ask? Well, I haven't had much energy or focus to sit down and get work done (which is terrible because I ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #47: Slowly Starting Fresh

Dear diary, One thing that I need to learn is to just start slowly...veeeery slowly! I'm hoping to learn that this month with a lot of different things as I try to get back on some form of track ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #45: Call Me The Task Juggler

Dear diary, I feel as if my name should have task juggler behind it because that's exactly what I do...juggle a thousand tasks. I think the craziest thing is having to do everything yourself when ... READ the POST

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