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Diary Entry #34: A Rough Time

Dear diary, I need a redo...stat! This month has absolutely not been it for me. It's not the entire month, but a majority, especially the last three weeks. I'm not sure what has been going on, but ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #33: Breaking Out Of My Shell

Dear diary, This content creator life really knows how to push you out of your shell in ways you never could imagine. Being something that I want to do full-time, content creating has me knowingly ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #32: The Strength Of A Woman

Dear diary, It's woman's day today and I can only help but think about all of the strong women in the world. I first think about all of the women who I know personally. I think about my mother who ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #31: Keep Pushing Through

Dear diary, One thing about me is that I'm super hard on myself. You know, you see others succeeding and you're truly happy for them. You cheer them on, but you can't help but feel a little bit of ... READ the POST

Blogmas Day 19: Diary Entry #30-Merry Christmas!

Dear Diary, I don't have much to say besides...MERRY CHRISTMAS! The statement doesn't need to be said for the thousandth time in a row about how crazy this year has been, but man, has it been ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #29: Staying Hopeful For 2021

Dear diary, Time is going by super fast! I feel that if I blink, it'll instantly be 2021. That's not so much of a bad thing though if I'm being honest. I hate time is going by so fast because I've ... READ the POST

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