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Diary Entry #39: It’s Hard To Say Goodbye

Dear diary, I have absolutely no clue what these past two years have been. The only word I can use for this entire experience (the experience I'm referring to goes without saying) is confusion. ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #38: Today’s Word Is Grateful

Dear diary, The thing that I love about writing these diary entries is that there's no actual structure or even expectation of making the "first page" on Google. There's no word minimum, no list of ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #35: I Kind Of Went Viral!?

Dear diary, I am just feeling extremely grateful for the goodness that has transpired these past two weeks! Two weeks ago I uploaded a reel to Instagram and my only goal was to just do something a ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #23

Dear Diary, It's day 728947 of quarantine and I'm...doing ok actually. I'm sure it's expected of me to say how I'm going crazy and I feel like I'm going to lose it. That's not exactly the case. ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #19

Dear Diary, I'm so excited about the changes that are soon coming to the blog! I'm just ready to make more moves. I will say though, I feel like I'm constantly being asked by my grandparents when I'm ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #10

Dear Diary, This isn't going to be long, but I just want to say that I'm putting out positive energy into the universe. I have a passion and a dream and I know it'll come true and I won't have to ... READ the POST

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