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Diary Entry #38: Today’s Word Is Grateful

Dear diary,

The thing that I love about writing these diary entries is that there’s no actual structure or even expectation of making the “first page” on Google. There’s no word minimum, no list of telling people how to do something, or sharing my thoughts on a major open discussion topic.

This is just me sharing my thoughts in live time and letting people read and enjoy if they so choose. It’s like a small break from the usual structure that’s needed in order to really make my work seen and I’m so grateful that my mind is creative enough to think of such an idea on my own. With that being said, it leads me into today’s word, which is grateful. I have so much I’m worrying about right now…from financials to my health to so much more…but I want to take this diary entry to simply practice gratefulness. I have so much to worry about, but I also have so much to be grateful for as well.

I have people in my life who are truly supportive of me. I have people in the content creator world who I’ve met that, not only are supporters of me, but they’ve become friends to the extend where I talk to them like I’ve known them for years. Though I have financial stresses right now, I also am blessed and grateful to say that I still have money to pay the few bills and subscriptions I have. I said I would become a full-time blogger, and though I’m in a season of uncertainty currently, I’m grateful to have a taste of it and I know that soon it won’t just be a taste but a lifelong flavorable meal that I’m enjoying every single day without question.

There’s so much to be grateful that this list could go on for forever, and though this list can’t go on for forever, I hope the feeling remains forever and I never forget to practice it with intention. I’m not sure if this is an actual quote or if this just came from my mind, but I just thought of one and the quote is this…

You could get into the worst car wreck of your life, but you can be grateful because you made it out alive.


  1. I absolutely love and needed this today!! Thanks for sharing. You are greatness and your success is right at arms reach! Keep pushing and being the great person you are!

  2. Yes, it is all about perspective, and attitude. Being grateful helps us have a better attitude and a better outlook on life! Great post.
    I like the comparison to getting in a car wreak and still being grateful to be alive. What a great analogy. I hope I can learn to be that grateful.

    • It really does! It’s so easy to forget to practice gratitude when so much is going on, but just taking a moment could change a lot. I love the analogy as well and I’m so glad that I was able to think of it! It just takes daily practice…I’m still working on it 1000%. We’ll get there! Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

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