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March 2021 Monthly Update: Numbers Don’t Lie

The spring weather has been coming out and it just feels so good! There will always be something about longer, sunnier days that is just an instant mood booster. Let me know in the comments if you ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #31: Keep Pushing Through

Dear diary, One thing about me is that I'm super hard on myself. You know, you see others succeeding and you're truly happy for them. You cheer them on, but you can't help but feel a little bit of ... READ the POST

What Motivates Me To keep Writing: 5DOD

Happy Monday loves! It's a new week and the countdown is on until my birthday is here! I also can't believe we're on the last week of the month. The way the days just go by never ceases to amaze ... READ the POST

December 2020 Monthly Update: A Shocking Discovery!

Happy New Year loves! It's only been two weeks away, but it feels like it's been forever! We have officially made it out of 2020 and into crazy is that!? I know we're like halfway ... READ the POST

Blogmas Is Coming: My Hope For Blogmas!

Tomorrow is Christmas! Okay...not Christmas, but Christmas is in December so it's basically Christmas. Right? Well anyway, if you can guess by the title or follow me on social media (especially ... READ the POST

15 Quotes For That Girl Boss Mentality

Hey my loves...happy Monday! Let's talk about the girl boss mentality for a second. I know there are some different opinions about the term. Some people don't like it and feel like it shouldn't be ... READ the POST

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