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My Favorite Blog Posts I’ve Written In 2021: Blogmas Day 11

This year has been full of many things…some things good…some things bad. One thing for certain, seeing that I’m a blogger, is that it has certainly been full of writing. I’ve been blogging for almost four years now and every year is filled with different posts that each have their own meaning and purpose.

Later in the year, I went from posting three blog posts a week, down to posting two blog posts a week (the best decision I made, honestly). Regardless of how much I’ve been posting, there’s not a post that doesn’t mean something to me. However, there are a few favorite picks that I have!

I’ve never done this before, but this year I’m taking a look back at my favorite posts from the year and how they made it to the list. Check them out below and be sure to give the posts a read if you’ve never gotten a chance to before!

So…I Wrote An Ebook

Even though my eBook ended up not doing the best sale-wise, I’m still adding this to my list of favorite posts just because of the excitement and pride I had when officially announcing to my readers that I had an eBook out. I put so much work into the book and was just ready for other bloggers who needed the help to finally receive it. I’m not sure if I’m going to try selling it again, but regardless, I’m proud of the few sales I did receive.

Dear Almost 26-Year-Old

I haven’t read this one since writing it, so going back and reading it almost made me cry. This was a letter that I wrote to myself as part of something I was doing for the week of my birthday. This letter is sentimental and was something that I didn’t even know I needed to read at this time, but I’m glad that I did.

The Hate U Give: Not Just A Movie, But A Reality.

This was the most powerful post I’ve written this year. The night I wrote this, I just finished watching The Hate U Give for the very first time. I didn’t expect it to have me feeling the way that I did. I didn’t expect it to have me crying to the extent that I was. I genuinely wrote down my thoughts, feelings, and emotions at that moment even if I knew it wasn’t going to get posted until a day or two later. I had to write how I felt in the moment. I wanted the post to feel as raw and real as the tears that were running down my cheek.

Why Black Hair Is Just So Beautiful

I don’t think this one needs much of an explanation. Anything that spreads awareness of the beauty of black features will always be a favorite…whether written by me or not.

Why Not Seeing Color Is Part Of The Problem

This is a favorite because it’s a post on something that’s a very real subject. I have so many different thoughts in my head on certain subjects but I’m terrible at actually expressing those thoughts. This is why blogging works so well for me, so I can write posts just like this one.

February 2021 Monthly Update: A Year Self-Hosted!

This one is added to the list simply because it’s where I celebrated a year being self-hosted! I’m so proud of myself and to see where I am now versus a year ago is astounding. I’m so proud of my growth and the growth I’ll make within the next few years.

The Toxicity Of Less Body Representation On Social Media

This is another post where I really expressed myself on a topic that’s pretty huge. As a plus-sized woman, I could resonate with this subject, especially when trying to find bodies that look like mine. Representation is so important and I’m grateful for a platform where I can share these thoughts in hopes of getting more discussions going.

10 Unhealthy Mindsets That Are Holding You Back

This one is for sure a favorite for some, including my good friend, Andrea, who I’ve gotten to know. She shares this post all of the time on her Twitter and I’m so grateful that it’s loved that much. These are mindsets that I’ve said to myself and still struggle with to this day. My goal is to help others like myself and together we can work on not letting these mindsets keep us back from success.

How To Glow Up Internally And Externally Like A Boss

This one is just a favorite because of the boss babe vibes I think it gives. It also shows that you don’t have to be a boss when it comes to working. There is not one single point that’s regarding work. This is all about taking care of yourself because you don’t have to own a company to be a boss, but you are the boss of your life and health.

7 Reasons Why I Love Being A Black Woman

Honestly, there’s no explanation needed.

5 Key Points For Your Journey To Self-Love

I’m still on my self-love journey and this topic is very important to me. I wanted to share key points that I try to remember so others can have those points to keep for their own self-love journey as well.

Affirm Your Life: Affirmations To Tell Yourself Daily

I love this one because, being someone that’s just getting into affirmations, I realize how important repeating affirmations are. This is a list of affirmations for different areas of your life. It also helps others who are looking for affirmations to say but have no clue what to say.

BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month By Chrissy Kyles

This one is actually a post that I didn’t write, but it’s on my blog and it’s still a favorite. Guest blogger, Chrissy Kyles, shared her thoughts on Black Indigenous People Of Color Month including links to resources for those struggling with mental health.

6 Tips For Falling In Love With Yourself Again

Again, another self-love post. A topic so important to me due to my many years of struggling with self-love. I also love the tips provided and I think they truly will help someone also struggling to fall back in love with themselves.

November 2021 Monthly Update: Blogmas Day 1

Finally, this is a favorite because of the wins that I was able to share. I hit my goal of 1k plays on my podcast, which is still amazing to me and I’m so grateful. It shows the support that I truly have and I’m forever appreciative of all of my supporters!

Choosing my favorite posts is like a parent trying to choose their favorite child. It was so hard to pick and I was fighting to not choose every single post from the year. I’m so proud of myself and my growth. I can’t wait to, not only share the rest of the posts for blogmas, but for you all to see what I have to bring into 2022.

What’s your favorite post of mines? Let me know in the comments!

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