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Big Girls Deserve Beautiful Dresses Too!

As a plus-sized woman, and someone who has been on the bigger side most of my life, I'm very well aware of how bigger girls and women are treated in the fashion industry. There are so many clothing ... READ the POST

3 Ways You Can Get A Bikini Body As A Plus Sized Woman

Summer is calling and so are the pools and beaches! As much as they may call, it's a little hard for some plus sized women to pick up the phone due to insecurities. Wearing swimsuits to the beach ... READ the POST

6 Plus Size Friendly Stores And Websites

It is 2020 and the world still isn't the most friendly when it comes to the plus-size community. I discussed the issue with clothing stores and the need to do better in a past post that you can read ... READ the POST

Plus Size Lingerie Ideas For Different Occasions!

I mentioned it before on my birthday ideas for 25 post that I'm having a lingerie/pajama party for my birthday. I figured with that going on and Valentine's day vastly approaching, that I would give ... READ the POST

Clothing Stores Please Do Better.

If you're not outraged about the lack of plus sized sections in stores, then you should be.  I'm not new to writing about the whole issue with clothing stores and their plussize sections or lack ... READ the POST

Plus-Sized People Fetishized During Fall?

Alright, let's talk about the plus size community for a moment and the obsession with us. I use the term us because it's no secret that I'm part of this community. Before I get to what the title is ... READ the POST

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