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6 Plus Size Friendly Stores And Websites

It is 2020 and the world still isn’t the most friendly when it comes to the plus-size community. I discussed the issue with clothing stores and the need to do better in a past post that you can read here. I sometimes even shudder at the thought of having to try on clothes in the store or having to wonder if my size is even sold. Although inclusivity is a constant battle when it comes to stores and websites, there are some that are friendly and even specifically for the plus-sized community. Here are 6 of them that you may have heard of or may be discovering today.

1. Shein

Plus size range: 0XL(US12)-5XL(US22)

Price level: $

2. Fashion To Figure

Plus size range: 12-24, XL-3XL

Price level: $$

3. Good American

Plus size range: 12-24

Price level: $$$

4. Lane Bryant

Plus size range: 10/12-26/28

Price level: $$

5. Boohoo

Plus size range: 12-22

Price level: $

6. Simply be

Plus size range: 12-28

Price level: $$

I hope that, if you are someone in the plus sized community who has been struggling to find a few places to shop, I was able to help out a bit. Of course, there are plenty more places, but these are just a few that either stuck out to me or I’ve shopped from personally. I would also like to put a disclaimer that my price level could be different from yours. What I ranked as a three dollar sign level could only be a level two or even one to you. There are also, of course more sizes, but I’m focusing more on the plus sizes. Please also note that the sizes are in US sizing.

Have you ever shopped at any of these places? If you have more recommendations, then I’d love for you to leave them in the comments!


    • Of course love! That’s why this post was made. To shed a light on stores that some people might not know about or if you’re just looking for more to have more options. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

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