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Clothing Stores Please Do Better.

If you’re not outraged about the lack of plus sized sections in stores, then you should be. 

I’m not new to writing about the whole issue with clothing stores and their plussize sections or lack thereof. I’ve written about Nike, I’ve mentioned it in my Life as a Plus Sized Woman post, and so on but I feel it is important to discuss this issue again. A few weeks ago I went into Forever 21 in my mall. I’m not sure if there’s a difference Forever 21 and Forever 21 Red, but we have Forever 21 Red. I go into my little plus section and I see signs everywhere. I can’t remember exactly what they said, but basically, the plus section was moving shop to just being online. Let me tell you, I WAS UPSET. The plus section is already small as hell and that’s the only store in the mall I can go to try on clothes. We have a Torrid in my mall, but let’s be honest, Torrid is pretty high and not in my budget whatsoever. Then next time I went into Forever 21, they still had the little section, but they’ve already started making changes and basically, the section is even smaller now. You’d think with the section being moved out that we’d be getting discounts right? WRONG.

So you mean to tell me that my little section is being shipped out and I can’t even get a discount!?

The shock and awe just never stops. I love forever 21, I’m sure I’ll still make online purchases, but this is insane. We get these already small sections in stores and then they get taken away. Plus size people deserve to shop and try on clothes too! I hate trying on clothes regardless because I get so disappointed when something doesn’t fit, but if I want to go in-store and try something on before I buy it, I should have that option just like a straight size person does. It’s bad enough we’re treated like we don’t deserve to have this and that just by regular people on the daily, but companies could at least let us have the freedom and enjoyment of shopping without needing to break the bank in higher priced stores.

Another example would be when Charlotte Russe went out of business. It came back in some select areas, but my area was not. Although the store was pricey, they still had their little plus size section…little, but it was something. A new store replaced it in my mall. The clothes are so cute and affordable, but guess what….there are no plus size clothes! None at all!

I believe the largest size they have is large. I don’t want to have to go “wait until I lose weight and can fit into their clothes” because, at that point, I don’t think I want to support a store that never supported me no matter how cute and affordable their clothes are. I would say that about Charlotte Russe, but at least I had clothes for me for the size I am now and didn’t have to wait to wear their clothes at all.

Before I go into the biggest rant of all eternity( as if I haven’t already), I will just end by saying…




  1. This is a much needed post. I was always that mid-size range of 10-12 in my early recovery years, but since I’ve been healthy and gaining, I’m plus-sized, and stores make my skin crawl. I’m happy our target has a plus section with some style. The Rainbow at a mall close by has some stuff too, but the selection is minuscule in comparison. I’m sorry about your terrible experiences with stores and what they lack in inclusivity.

  2. Yes, Its really sad most of these stores only cater to certain body types. It’s even more annoying for them to only have plus sizes available online. Although I’m not plus size, I do enjoy walking in stores to try on jeans. I have no hips so its crucial pants fit before buying so why wouldn’t they think people with different body types would want to do the same??

  3. Forever 21’s plus sections are harder to find these days. And when you find them, it’s a small selection or it’s product they couldn’t sell. For plus sizing in the mall, I have been checking out Rue21 lately. The deals in store are much better than online.

    • It’s sad the forever 21 in my city is more than likely gone now. Unfortunately, the Rue 21 in my city closed a think maybe two years ago now. There weren’t too many plus-size options for me there anyway, but on the occasion, I like to shop online.

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