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15 Questions To Ask Yourself Every Month

Every month is like a new opportunity to start fresh and be better than you were the month before. One way to do that is to reflect on how your previous month went and to examine what went wrong just ... READ the POST

20 Affirmations For Self Love

Mental health and mental health awareness is important to talk about because there are more people who struggle with their mental health than you may know. Something that I'm personally working on, ... READ the POST

Staging Your Home Office for Guests and Clients

Creating a home office that’s comfortable and efficient for you takes a bit of thought and planning. Like, where should I put my computer table to prevent window glare? What is the best ergonomic ... READ the POST

20 Valentine’s Day Questions Tag

Tomorrow is Valentine's day and love is in the air! You all know by now that I love to find holiday specific tags. It's fun to answer questions because you all get to know me in different ways. In ... READ the POST

8 Solo Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Valentine's day is right around the corner and all the couples are probably trying to figure out date ideas for the day of love. If you're single or spending the day alone, you might not try to bother ... READ the POST

How To Shed Excess Holiday Weight

The holiday season always comes with a slew of delicious food. Unsurprisingly, this is why more than 60% of Americans agree that they deserve to indulge in holiday treats around this time of the year. ... READ the POST

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