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15 Questions To Ask Yourself Every Month

Every month is like a new opportunity to start fresh and be better than you were the month before. One way to do that is to reflect on how your previous month went and to examine what went wrong just ... READ the POST

20 Affirmations For Self Love

Mental health and mental health awareness is important to talk about because there are more people who struggle with their mental health than you may know. Something that I'm personally working on, ... READ the POST

7 Social Media Tips To Live By

Being a social media influencer or content creator is currently the hype as a lot of people these days are trying to put down job applications for their cameras and phones. Whether you're new to being ... READ the POST

6 Ways To Spring Clean Your Personal Life

The era of spring cleaning is upon us, and although the first thing that comes to mind is cleaning our houses or tech devices, we must remember to cleanse our personal lives as well. You may think ... READ the POST

5 Ways To Water Yourself In Order To Bloom

The first day of spring is always so beautiful to take in. It's a new season where things begin to grow and flowers bloom, making the world colorful again. As we're going into our warmer months, some ... READ the POST

5 Reasons Why You Should Go Take A Nap

There is no other holiday that I think I appreciate more than the one that's today...national napping day! I have always been the queen of taking naps (especially cat naps), but that started to ... READ the POST

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