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Get Rid Of Those Unnecessary Friends!

Today is National Unfriend Day and the name sounds exactly like what it is. If you've never heard of the holiday, it's not a day where you drop all of your friends, but at the same time it is! You're ... READ the POST

Dealing With Mental Illness Without A Therapist

Mental health, as big and important as it is, is still not taken as seriously as it should be. There are not only many different mental illnesses that we are either unaware of or don't have a full ... READ the POST

12 Activities To Do In Fall 2023

We're officially into the fall season and the weather is already slowly cooling down a bit! This is the season that many look forward to, not just because the summer heat cools down, but because there ... READ the POST

6 Ways To Celebrate Self-Improvement September

September is the month of self-improvement, and although the year is almost over, it's never too late to work on yourself! As humans, none of us are perfect and we could all use a little tweaking ... READ the POST

A-Z List Of Advice For Everyday Life!

When it comes to this life thing, it's not easy and everyone is looking for ways to make it through or some helpful tips. Sometimes you need advice and don't even know it, or you do know it but you're ... READ the POST

5 Ways To Avoid Online Distractions And Focus On Work

Social media and the internet have a chokehold on today's society, which makes it hard to actually sit down and focus on work. Even some of the most focused people can easily stray from the path. All ... READ the POST

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