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BIPOC Mental Health Month By Chrissy Kyles

July is BIPOC* Mental Health Month. Race/ethnicity CAN factor into mental health and there's definitely a need for more access, awareness, and education on the lived experience of BIPOC people. In ... READ the POST

Affirm Your Life: Affirmations To Tell Yourself Daily

I've stated on here and my social media a few times now that I've been using what I call M.A.P. for about a year in order to do my best and make sure I'm sending in the most positive vibes I can for ... READ the POST

Essential Approaches for Successful Small Business Owners By Courtney Rosenfeld

When you own a small business, there are a lot of responsibilities and stress that naturally fall onto your shoulders. You don’t have a large team of people you can rely on for different things, so ... READ the POST

How To Have A Hot Girl Summer In 2021

Ladies, it's time for us to have our hot girl summer! I know what you're probably thinking "A hot girl summer in this pandemonium!?" I hear you, but before rushing to the conclusion that this will be ... READ the POST

5 Key Points For Your Journey To Self-Love

Say it with me loves...I am loving myself today! The journey to self-love is one many people are familiar with and one that many others are learning to become familiar with. Though not everyone's ... READ the POST

4 Tips For Staying Motivated To Blog During The Summer

With summertime pretty much being here, it can be a little hard to feel motivated to blog when there's thoughts of having fun in the sun going on in your mind. The nice weather can make it really easy ... READ the POST

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