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Big Girls Deserve Beautiful Dresses Too!

As a plus-sized woman, and someone who has been on the bigger side most of my life, I’m very well aware of how bigger girls and women are treated in the fashion industry. There are so many clothing stores that either don’t cater to plus-sized women at all, cater to them but only while providing a little corner compared to the entire store, or only provide clothing online (which can be a hassle when needing to figure out sizes and having to return clothing items).

This also means that I’m pretty aware of the joys and almost rarity of finding a clothing store that caters to various sizes and designs outside of the typical ones you see. Something as simple as finding that perfect dress can light up a woman’s eyes, and I believe that any woman of any size would agree!

Summer is the owner of Juicy Body Goddess, which is her plus-sized boutique. I discovered Summer on TikTok where she has a multitude of videos showing the uplifting and praising of plus-sized women as they try on their clothes. You see some women come in who are very shy or insecure, and they begin to shine within each one of Summer’s beautiful pieces that she provides in her store. She also goes live, because she has a physical store in a mall as well as her website, where she shows herself working and you get to see these women being uplifted in real-time.

It’s currently prom season, which means there are a lot of young plus-sized girls who are looking for the right dress. Summer has a special stash of dresses that she only brings out for prom season, but you have to book a consultation in order to try them on. She also does this for wedding and formal dresses. As I’ve stated, Summer goes live while she’s working at her boutique, which means that her viewers have been blessed to see how she’s changed these beautiful girls’ lives during their prom consultations.

As a viewer, this shows and reminds those watching that big girls deserve beautiful dresses too! When I was in high school, I missed my senior prom and one of the reasons was that I couldn’t find a dress. The next year, my friend had her senior prom and she kindly let me go with her. Although I did find a pretty dress, the hunt for it wasn’t fun in the slightest, it wasn’t exactly the one I would’ve made my first choice, and there were at least two or three other girls who had the exact same dress. Watching Summer provide so many beautiful dresses for these girls and seeing that they don’t have to worry so much about if the store provides beyond a size XL like I did brings tears to my eyes.

Big girls deserve beautiful dresses too and to feel excited about trying on dresses instead of anxious about the disappointment to come. My hope for the future is that, not only Summer is able to open boutiques across the states, but bigger stores provide a wider variety of sizes and designs so plus-sized girls and women have the opportunity to find the beautiful dresses they deserve!

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