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3 Ways You Can Get A Bikini Body As A Plus Sized Woman

Summer is calling and so are the pools and beaches! As much as they may call, it’s a little hard for some plus sized women to pick up the phone due to insecurities. Wearing swimsuits to the beach isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially if there is going to be a crowd of people who might stare at you simply for being a bigger person on the beach.

Around this time is also usually when you realize that you might’ve gotten a little bit too comfy during winter instead of working on having that bikini body for summer. Well, if you’re looking for ways to get a bikini body, have no fear because I have three ways below that will help you with just that!

Put on a monokini.

Throw away whatever you know or believe about one-piece swimsuits because the kiddie look is a thing of the past! The one-piece has advanced so much since we were little, but monokini puts an absolute twist on two different types of swimsuits…the bikini and the one-piece. Whether you don’t feel comfortable enough to rock a full two-piece or you just want to try something different, it’s a must to put a monokini on that body and strut down the beach!

Put on a string bikini.

Whoever says that string bikinis are only for smaller bodies is absolutely wrong. String bikinis are so cute and perfect for flaunting those beautiful rolls and that fabulous tummy! There are so many cute string bikini styles that it might get a little hard to choose which ones you like best (I suggest getting all of them). If you want the ultimate bikini body, find your favorite, throw it on, and head down to the beach!

Put on a two-piece bikini.

Aside from the monokini and the string bikini, a two-piece is perfect for the beach and if you want to show a little less than you would in a string bikini but you’re not really feeling the monokini. Same as with both the monokini and string bikini, there are so many different types of two-piece swimsuits. You can go the tankini route, a bikini with a larger bottom that covers most/all of the butt and tummy areas, or something totally different! Again, regardless of what style you choose, throw on that bikini and head to the beach!

If you haven’t caught on by now, there really is no true way to get a bikini body. The only way to get a bikini body is to put a bikini on your body! If you were expecting to see some weight loss tips, you will not be getting those here. However, the good news is that you don’t need them! All you need to do is grab a bikini, throw it on, and head to the beach (or wherever you choose to go)!

Which is your favorite type of bikini? Let me know in the comments!

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