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My Journey As A Blogger And What I’ve Learned: 5 Years Of The Black Princess Diaries

Do you know what (June 8th) was? OUR ANNIVERSARY! I have officially been blogging for five years now and it's a little hard to believe. It absolutely does not feel like it's been five years at all, ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #52: A Brain That’s Constantly Running

Dear diary, One thing about my brain is that it's constantly running and thinking of something that I could change or do better. On one hand, it's probably a little bit excessive to constantly ... READ the POST

September 2021 Monthly Update: I’m Back Again!

We have officially reached spooky season! Although I'm not a huge fall fan, I am a favorite of the Halloween classics like Hocus Pocus. I have to admit that I can't do the real scary stuff ... READ the POST

4 Tips For Falling Into Success!

What do you have when you combine motivational Monday and Fall? A post all about falling into success! Okay, so you can't necessarily just "fall" into success, but the pun is cute right? ... READ the POST

I Quit.

No, not from blogging. I don't think I could ever quit from blogging so don't you worry about that. I did, however, quit from a place that has caused me extreme anxiety, had a lot of the worst people ... READ the POST

How My Blog Has Changed My Life

Blogging is something that wasn't planned in the slightest. I didn't go to college for journalism. I never had a dream of becoming a writer or anything of the sort minus the poetry I decided to start ... READ the POST

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