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Diary Entry #52: A Brain That’s Constantly Running

Dear diary,

One thing about my brain is that it’s constantly running and thinking of something that I could change or do better. On one hand, it’s probably a little bit excessive to constantly change something when it hasn’t been that long since the last time a change was made. On the other hand, it can also be helpful when it comes to growth.

Although 2022 is not over yet, my mind has been buzzing about the changes I can make in 2023, and some of those changes I’ve already been working on for when the time comes. It may be a little crazy to work on things for the next year when I still have a lot that I could work on currently, but that’s just the way my mind works. With that being said, this year may not have gone in the slightest way that I hoped, but I’m preparing for a new year with a change that I can’t wait to share. Until then, here’s to hoping I can finish the year as strong as possible!

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