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August 2023 Monthly Update: Bye Bye Summer

I am so sad because August is gone and we are entering September, which means that fall is creeping upon us. Though this summer was a very hot one, it's still my favorite season and I feel as if it ... READ the POST

July 2023 Monthly Update: Sometimes Less Is More!

Does anyone else feel as if summer is vastly slipping away!? As much as I dislike this heat, my love for summer will never fade, but time is quickly tearing us apart. With that being said, we're ... READ the POST

June 2023 Monthly Update: Another Rough Month

With six months down of the year and six months to go, the pressure is on just a little bit to accomplish all of our goals and get things done. However, time is not up yet and there are still so many ... READ the POST

2023 Yearly Goals Check-In: It’s Time To Get On My Zoom!

As June comes to a close, it's important to realize that this year is vastly speeding through! We are halfway through the year and recently, I've started doing check-ins halfway through the year to ... READ the POST

May 2023 Monthly Update: This One’s A Rough One

June is here, which not only means that it's a new month, but it also means that we're already halfway through the year! Along with being halfway through the year, it means that summer is swiftly ... READ the POST

April 2023 Monthly Update: Headed In The Right Direction!

Happy May 1st to all of my readers out there! We are officially five months down in the year and time is steadily going! The year is still young, which means that there is still plenty of time to ... READ the POST

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