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My Perfect Weekend: Post Quarantine

I am a month late doing this but better late than never right? Before I get into it, I'd like to thank Emily for tagging me and I'd also like to thank Renata Leo for creating such a fun tag! I ... READ the POST

Lockdown Silver Linings Tag

I'm always honored when someone tags me for something or nominates me for a blogger award. It means they were thinking of me, which is always so nice. I've never heard of the lockdown silver linings ... READ the POST

Guest Post: Fashion During Quarantine

During this time in self-isolation, it's the best opportunity to explore your closet! This time has helped me realise how creative I can be with the clothes I have.  I think this new ... READ the POST

Am I Going Insane? Probably.

Raise your hand if you're inside going a little insane! I am right there with you on this. Ok guys, I'm very introverted. I've had plenty of times where I've canceled on going out because I rather ... READ the POST

5 Activities To Do Indoors

These posts are getting really popular to make due to the time we're in at the moment, so I decided to hop on myself. Why not join the bandwagon in helping everyone (including myself) not go crazy in ... READ the POST

My Favorite Motivating Youtube Videos!

I think we all have a little more time on our hands these days than we usually do, so I think right now is the time for some Youtube video suggestions! I love a good motivational Youtube video. There ... READ the POST

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