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My Perfect Weekend: Post Quarantine

I am a month late doing this but better late than never right? Before I get into it, I’d like to thank Emily for tagging me and I’d also like to thank Renata Leo for creating such a fun tag!

I think we all have our own vision of what we’re going to do post quarantine. Some people may already be slowly getting to it since there are places opening back up, however, you will not see me until there’s an all clear. Once outside is open back up, then I do have a few ideas of what I hope my weekend to look like(after I finished screaming with joy for a few minutes).

Take a look into my perfect weekend after quarantine!


Morning: My perfect Friday morning would start with a workout in the gym. It may not seem like the perfect weekend to others, but starting my day with a workout would just make me feel so good and accomplished. After that, I would have a good breakfast and I’d get to work on whatever things I needed to get done for my blog.

Afternoon: By the time the afternoon rolls around, I’ll have some plans with my friends. Maybe we’d go out to eat for lunch or something of the sort since we haven’t hung out in so long. Maybe after that we’d take a walk down the strip mall and just venture into stores just because.

Night: Friday nights for me are always chill. I’m always in the house typically, so that probably wouldn’t change. If anything, I may just still be out with my friends because we can hang for a long time. This would especially be so with the fact that we haven’t seen each other in forever.


Morning: Saturday’s for me are for church. Since quarantine is over, I will be getting ready for church at this time. I will probably also be hoping that it doesn’t last all day since it might be the first official day back. If you go to a predominately black church, then you know they can go for FOREVER!

Afternoon: Typically I’m still in church until about 1:30. After that, my grandparents and I eat lunch, and then it’s nap time. If you didn’t know, I’m a Seventh Day Adventist and we have what we call a Sabbath nap. Is it Necessarily a “real” thing. Not necessarily within the religion, however, it just happens and at this point is a staple.

Night: Now night time is when the fun happens. Don’t judge when reading this after reading that I went to church earlier, but this is MY perfect weekend. When night falls…the turn up calls! On a perfect Saturday night, my friends and I will have a plan of going out on the town. I’m going to be dressed in my signature bar/club outfit (a bodysuit and either jeans or a skirt), my hair will be looking good, and I will be feeling the best I have in months. We’ll of course go out for dinner first and also do some pre-gaming because alcohol isn’t cheap(of course there will be a designated driver). Then, it’s time to hit the bar! My perfect night will end with me having fun dancing with my friends and having the best time I’ve had since my birthday in January.


Morning: You’d think that I would say on a perfect Sunday morning, I would stay in bed until 1PM trying to recover from the night before. However, that’s not the case for me. I don’t sleep late, and I don’t like to sleep late. My perfect Sunday would start with me waking up at about 9AM at the latest and begin with a stack of white chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Then, I’ll begin prepping for the day.

Afternoon: My perfect afternoon HAS to include a local coffee shop in it. It’s a date with me, my laptop, a coffee, and a snack. Just the thought makes me miss it. I just love doing my work in a coffee shop. There is something about it that just makes me feel almost powerful and like a boss in a sense.

Night: After I’ve sat and done some work for a good amount of hours (because making posts take plenty of time), I’d then meet up with my friend and we’d go eat somewhere downtown. Afterwards, we’d go to get froyo. It is a Sunday night, so unfortunately not much will be happening. With that being said, I’ll head on home and maybe watch some Youtube until I get ready for bed.

Just writing about it feels me with two different emotions: joy and sadness. Joy because I’m excited to have the things back that I love. Sadness because I miss it. Hopefully sooner than later, we will all be back doing the things we enjoy with people we love and with no worries.

What does your perfect weekend post quarantine look like? I tag each and every one of you who’s reading! You can let me know in the comments or create your own post. If you do create your own post, please tag me on Twitter or Instagram so I can read it, and don’t forget to give the original creator mentioned earlier their credit!


  1. This was so much fun to read, Deandra! Thank you so much for doing this tag! Your weekend sounds lovely and so perfect for you! I really hope that one day we can all have our perfect post-quarantine weekend (or, at least parts of it!). I totally get what you said at the end about feeling joy and sadness while writing about the perfect weekend. I know it’ll happen for all of us one day, we just have to get through this tough time first <3 Lovely post!!!

    Emily |

    • Thanks for the tag! Our perfect weekends will come sooner or later for sure. Until then, we all just have to be as safe as possible. I’m glad you liked reading my post! ♥

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