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Am I Going Insane? Probably.

Raise your hand if you’re inside going a little insane! I am right there with you on this.

Ok guys, I’m very introverted. I’ve had plenty of times where I’ve canceled on going out because I rather be in my bed watching Youtube. That hasn’t changed at all. Some days I’m just all up in my bed..sometimes I have to force myself out of it. Then there are other days where I’m about to go insane! I don’t think it would be that bad if I had siblings close to my age and I was at least surrounded by a younger group of adults or something, but I’m not at all. In some households, families are playing games and such. In my household, I’m just hearing the news about it pretty much 24/7. How can someone not go insane?

My life these days have been consumed with watching Tiktok videos. Anybody else? I’m so bored I even learned a Tiktok dance. This is how you know I’ve lost it! I will say that I did discover a nice wine. Granted, I’ve been suggested this wine for the longest, but what’s a better time to try it than now? It’s called Stella Rosa and honestly, I never thought I’d find another wine I’d like. This one is everything! So far I’ve only had the peach flavor, but I plan on trying others.

At the end of the day, despite me going insane, I know staying inside is what’s best right now. I just wish I had a better set up at home to help me through. If anyone’s going insane like me, just do what you can to pull through and for goodness sake…wash your hands!


  1. Same here! I downloaded TikTok over the weekend and spent hours scrolling through videos. Stella Rosa is one of my sister’s favorite wines. I’m introverted too, and I think this is the longest I’ve ever stayed inside. I hope you’re able to find something to help you cope and stay safe.

    • I don’t go on often, but when I do it’s like once you start scrolling you can’t stop. This definitely might be the longest I’ve stayed inside in a long time. You stay safe as well ♥

  2. I know how you feel! I’m an introvert and love staying in, but now that I’ve had my freedom to go out taken away from me… I really want to get out of the house! I haven’t gone down the Tik Tok route yet, but I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube, TV and movies, and reading a lot. Plus working on my blog! And maybe taking a nap or two…

    And weirdly enough, the only thing that’s been making me happy has been strawberry Poptarts. So I always need those in the house. If they keep me sane, then I think they’re a necessity!

    Your’e right, staying inside and washing our hands in what we should do right now. I mean, we’ll be able to go out eventually. Right?? lol!

    Emily |

    • Hopefully! lol. Man I haven’t had poptarts in so long! My guilty pleasure are the mini white chocolate reeses! I’m obsessed. I’m actually out and need to buy another pack…or two lol. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

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