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Paperclip Goodies Planner Stationery Review

Happy Motivation Monday! Where are all of my stationery lovers? Actually, let me be even more specific...where are all of my PLANNER stationery lovers at? If you're in love with cute planner ... READ the POST

4 Ways To Help Remind You Of Your Vision

You've heard it from me multiple times, you've seen it everywhere, you've maybe even said it yourself. What I'm talking about is making a clear path/vision for 2020. If you guys are anything like me, ... READ the POST

Why We Fail At Our New Year Resolutions

As much as a surprise it is that we're not only in a new year but a new decade, it's not a surprise that this is the time for everyone to have their new year resolutions together. The thing about new ... READ the POST

How To Prep Early For The New Year!

We have 3 months left in the year...THREE MONTHS! That's crazy ya'll. With the year vastly coming to an end, it's slowly time to start thinking about exactly what you'd like for yourself in the new ... READ the POST

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