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How To Prep Early For The New Year!

We have 3 months left in the year…THREE MONTHS! That’s crazy ya’ll. With the year vastly coming to an end, it’s slowly time to start thinking about exactly what you’d like for yourself in the new year. Typically, you’ll see all the new year prep posts starting in December. Of course, still continue to focus on finishing this year strong with everything you have to accomplish, but also slowly start thinking about the new year. Three months can go by in the blink of an eye and once it’s gone, you’re going to wish you started some things early. I’m just going to give you a few ways you can start prepping early for 2020!

make a list.png

The first step is to make a list of your goals and accomplishments you’d like to achieve in the next year. Write as much as you can think of. It can be blogging goals. personal, etc. Just start to get it all down now. Try to keep in mind as well that these aren’t new years resolutions, but your goals. New years resolutions don’t have the best reputation of getting done, but when you use the term goals, then it almost makes you want to work to achieve them more.


If you have any events already planned and lined up for 2020, then put it in a planner! It’s the best way to make sure you don’t forget your dates. You can even write down the dates you plan on hitting your goals if that’s something you like to do. You can never go wrong with doing a little early planning.

start saving

Think about what you have going on in the next year. Does it require some early saving? Depending on what it is, you might want to start saving and budgeting now. I’m no money expert whatsoever…my spending habits are AWFUL….but you don’t need to be an expert to know you should be saving up for something and how much you’ll need for it. Save as early as you can so you’ll be ready for when that event comes!

finish strong

The last tip I have for you guys is to finish this year off strong. Get things done. End the year on a positive note. If you end the year on a positive note, then it opens up the opportunity to start the next one on a positive note. 2019 not going your way at all? You have three months left…make something of them! At least try your best. The best you can do is try, right?

Are you going to start prepping for the new year a little early? If so, how do you intend on starting? Let’s talk!


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