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Paperclip Goodies Planner Stationery Review

Happy Motivation Monday! Where are all of my stationery lovers? Actually, let me be even more specific…where are all of my PLANNER stationery lovers at? If you’re in love with cute planner stationery and decor, then this is for you! Where does this fit into motivation Monday you may ask? Well, sometimes we need a little incentive to motivate us to do work. So, for example, say you want to start scheduling, planning, and getting more organized. For some people, a simple $5 planner with no design or anything is fine, but for you, you may need more. You might need a super cute planner with cute stickers to motivate you to use your planner. It’s the same when you like to wear cute matching gym clothes to motivate you to go workout.

Sar’De is the owner of Paperclip Goodies and she reached out to me and so kindly asked if she could send me some of her products for me to do a review. After going through her page, I was all for it! Please note that although I was sent these products for free, all opinions are my own.

Now let’s get into some stationery/ planner accessories!

The packaging and what’s inside

When you get your package, it comes in a regular poly mailer (not shown) and she even puts a cute thank you sticker on the back of it. Inside of that are the goodies all wrapped up in pink tissue paper with a thank you sticker keeping it closed. She also has a cute thank you note inside with her social media information on it. Once you unwrap the tissue paper, you get to the goodies! If you look at the second picture (shown up top), then you can see that I was sent three bow clips as well as three sets of stickers.

Let’s get a closer look!

Bow Clips

Like I said previously, I was gifted three bow clips: A sparkly silver bow, a sparkly purple bow, and a pink bow with a mini floral bow in the middle and a pearl button in the center. I asked for the rose gold clips, but she also has clips in gold and silver. These clips are so cute! I’ve done a test to see the durability of the glitter, and they passed! I just love the look and, not only am I going to be using these for my planner, but as bookmarks also.


As I said earlier as well, I received three sets of stickers with my bow clips. I will admit, that I follow a few bloggers who are all about organizing and decorating their planners, and they do it so well, but I am not one of those people. However, these stickers are so cute that I think they could help me up my planner game!

There are stickers for every occasion. There’s one for trash day, for cleaning day, payday, fitness, etc. My favorite would have to be the sticker with the Keurig and the black mug that says “boss”. It’s almost like a replica of my Keurig and lady boss mug! If you’re interested in purchasing these stickers, then I have some good news and bad news. The bad news is that they’re not for sale. The good news is that they’ll be added to the shop on June 31st! Yay! Until then, make sure you get your hands on some clips!

My final review

My final thoughts are pretty simple…I am obsessed! The bows are made from good material and the stickers are very chic. I am planning on purchasing more myself, and I even have a friend who’s already saying she’s going to make a purchase! I highly recommend you check Sar’De’s shop and support a small business!

Check out Sar’De and her shop here:

Etsy | Website | Instagram


    • I’m glad you like them! I highly recommend checking out her shop and supporting. Thanks for stopping by ♥

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