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4 Ways To Help Remind You Of Your Vision

You’ve heard it from me multiple times, you’ve seen it everywhere, you’ve maybe even said it yourself. What I’m talking about is making a clear path/vision for 2020.

If you guys are anything like me, then maybe you know exactly what you want, and deep down inside you have all intentions to work towards it and get things done, but you constantly fail. It happens. We’re all humans. For those of you who already feel stuck, like you have no idea what to do in order to stay on that path towards your vision, or just need more ways to keep you accountable for your goals, then I’ll be sharing some ways that might help you guys stay on track!

1. Vision Board

vision board

A fun and creative way to help you remember your goals and your vision is to create a vision board. I’m still working on my own vision board, so the picture above NOT mines, however, when I do finish my vision board I’d love to show you guys. Creating a vision board is really easy, but if you can always look at other blog posts or Youtube videos for help. It’s important to put your vision board somewhere you go often, for example, mine is in my office. Seeing those pictures of your end goals and where you want to be is just so inspiring.

2. Write Them Down

goals planner

Another way to keep track of your vision(s) for yourself is to write them down. You can use your phone, a planner, sticky notes, or use a board. I bought this cute little marble whiteboard a couple of months ago that I use to write down my monthly goals as well as my daily to-do list. It hangs on the wall right by my bed so I see it every morning I get up. Doing things like that can almost be like a reminder of why you’re getting up for the day and the plans you have to look forward to.

3. Affirmations

pos affirm

Saying positive affirmations is something I need to work on doing myself. Affirmations are a way to not only vocally remind yourself what you’re working towards, but help you with speaking positivity into your life if that’s something you struggle with. Choose affirmations that fit you and your goals. You can use the ones above, Google some affirmations, or make some of your own. Do whatever will help you through your journey.

4. Set Reminders


Lastly, with everything being about technology these days, one of the best ways to help remind you of your goals is to set reminders on your phone. You can do make regular alarms to remind you to get things done that help you with your vision, or you can just download an app! There are plenty of apps out there to help you with your habits and goals. Search through them all and find out which one fits you the best.

There you have it! Four ways to help remind you of your vision. You can pick one of these, or use them all! What’s your favorite way to help keep you accountable?



  1. This was so helpful and SUCH a great reminder for staying on track with your vision/goals! I have to admit, I sometimes get frustrated and feel like giving up, but I think if I actually USE your suggestions, I can actually accomplish some goals and keep moving forward. And can you believe I’ve never made a vision board before?? I need to do that ASAP (plus arts and crafts are fun). Thank you for all the helpful tips! It reminds me I need to get my rear in gear! 😉

    Great post!! xoxo

    Emily |

    • I’m so happy my tips were helpful to you! I often feel like giving up myself, and sometimes it even feels like no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get it together, but I know it’ll happen for both of us! And I’ve never made one either but I’m working on getting it together. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! ♥

  2. These are all great suggestions for things you can do to remind you of your goals and stay on track. Vision boards are my go-to for staying on track for my goals. I haven’t gotten a chance to make one for 2020 yet since I’m in the process of moving. But I love that they are a creative reminder, and they can add to your desk or office space. Thanks for sharing these.

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