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10 Side Hustles That’ll Help You Make Some Extra Cash!

Another day, another hustle! Monday, I gave you guys some tips on ways you can fall into success. Last week, my friend told me that she knew some people who were looking for some side hustles and ... READ the POST

5 Ways You Can Use To Save Money

I'm no expert at all at saving money. In fact, I'm probably the worst at saving it...until recently. I'm still not the best, but since quarantine, I've been doing good and have even saved up a pretty ... READ the POST

Products I’d Buy If I Was Given $600

In hindsight, this should've been written at the beginning of the quarantine when people were still getting those government checks because us furloughed workers were getting those $600 checks. It was ... READ the POST

Guest Post: 15 Money Affirmations To Say Everyday

Hey honeys! I understand how nerve-wrecking it can be thinking about money, or lack there of. These money mantras help me stay calm whenever I get frustrated about it and make me feel more positive ... READ the POST

When Doing It For The Money Isn’t Enough

There are a lot of things we do for money, and although there are a lot of strange things people do for change, I'm talking about the numero uno thing that everyone does in order to get some cash ... READ the POST

Grinding: Is It For Everyone?

Grinding (slang): The act of putting in work; The act of working hard towards a goal or achievement. (urban dictionary) A lot of people may be familiar with this term grinding. There are many ... READ the POST

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