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When Doing It For The Money Isn’t Enough

There are a lot of things we do for money, and although there are a lot of strange things people do for change, I’m talking about the numero uno thing that everyone does in order to get some cash flowing in.

Getting a job.


Getting a job, of course, is the most practical option when you need some money (despite how hard it can be to get a job). In fact, if you don’t have a job then some people might look down on you like you’re not contributing to society and is just a waste of space. As dramatic as that statement may seem, that’s really how some people are out here in this world when it comes to that topic. Before I dive into the main point of my blog post, I feel the need to mention the difference between a job and a career. Typically speaking, the main goal is to work in your career. Everyone’s career looks different. For some, it’s to be a lawyer, doctor, or accountant. For others, it’s to be an influencer, entrepreneur, or author. Regardless of what it looks like, the goal is to be working in that field as their career. However, a lot of times it takes time before you can get into that career and during that period of hard work, you need some type of income coming in. This is where a job comes in. Getting a job helps you stay on your feet a bit while working towards what you really want to do in life. Sometimes we have no clue what we want to do, but a job ends up being the thing to open our eyes.

As great as it is for those who do have those great experiences with their jobs, there are others who are miserable and are only working to make money or even just to make sure they’re not being looked down upon because they don’t have a job at the moment. But what about when doing it for the money just isn’t enough?

This is kind of where my situation comes into play.


Before I continue, I just want to say that I love my friends dearly with all my heart. I’m not sure if they read my blog posts or how often they read them, but I just wanted to make that statement first. Whenever I say I’m headed to work or I’m at work, etc., their favorite line is “money!” or “you’re making that money!” Granted, this is true and I’m very grateful that God blessed me with a job to where I can make a little bit of money until I get my blogging career off the ground. What makes me so tight sometimes is just the fact how I feel so drained I feel being there. It’s the combination of not doing something I love, not being somewhere that ultimately makes me happy, and feeling like my energy is sucked out by the end of the day.  None of it seems worth it to me and I know for a lot of people that’s a very hard concept to grasp.

I have a very hard time becoming motivated and I hate that. If I struggle with being motivated to do things I love, then money isn’t going to motivate me when it comes to working somewhere that’s not helping my mental stability. Again, a hard concept to break through to people with, which is why I don’t discuss it. Some of you may ask “why don’t you quit?” Like I’ve stated before, job hunting isn’t the easiest, but it’s in the works. Until then, I’m smart enough to know I need to make some form of revenue until then.

There are so many people in this world just working in the worst conditions just to make it because that’s the only choice they have and my heart goes out to those people. Despite the money not being enough, it’s all they got.

I will end this by saying, don’t let your mental health become compromised if you can help it. Your mental health and happiness is a lot more important and don’t let anyone make you feel bad for believing this. Sometimes you start at the bottom, but putting yourself first and believing in what you deserve will put you to the top and in a much better space.


How do you feel about this topic? Have you ever worked somewhere you felt was compromising your mental health?

Let’s discuss!


  1. I can totally connect with this subject and I agree with you completely! In m opinion no 9 to 5 job will be fun ! no matter how much you love it at first, and how good you are , we’re gonna a reach a moment when we feel that our soul is drowning ! It’s not about the money , it’s about being actually Happy! yet we have to go through this as a temporary phase, till we accomplish what we really want !
    Thank you for sharing this, very important topic !

  2. This is a really interesting post, because I do work in the mental health profession and my job even though I enjoy what i do which looking after people and thier needs, it left a strain on my own mental health, where i broke down, i agree it can leave you totally drained where you just haven’t got any energy left!! But for me it was all work and no play in between where i was feeling so isolated because of hurt and anger. Thanks for posting, take good care of yourself.

  3. Yes, money is necessary in society blah blah blah, but it’s so ugly to worship it. It’s one thing to do a job for money, but a lot of these kinds of work are very disrespected when you consider how they’re treated by mgmt and society, pay/benefits, how much work… It seems like people say that all of that (which ofc impacts mental health) is ok bc you’re getting paid (some). Um… :\

    • right! I hate that. If it came between getting paid more but my mental health is at risk or getting paid less but I’m happy and I love what I do, then I’d rather be happy and keep my mental sanity but that option would get looked down upon which is crazy.

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