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Products I’d Buy If I Was Given $600

In hindsight, this should’ve been written at the beginning of the quarantine when people were still getting those government checks because us furloughed workers were getting those $600 checks. It was nice, wasn’t it? Well, now we can play make believe as if we’re still getting it..yay! Some of us may still have money from those checks so we can actually still apply this to ourselves in the real world. I’ve done a lot of saving, so I’m still pretending this is a fairytale, but if I could just spend frivolously, then I have a few things in mind I would buy.

1. Shop materials-$300

First and foremost, I would put half of my money towards the shop I’m trying to get together. With that, I would purchase the materials I need such as a printer, bags for shipping, etc. Then I would get things that go inside of the parcels like thank you cards and business cards. Lastly, there is no store without the actual items I’m selling right!? I’d buy those in bulk so I’m able to sell them to you guys. This is more responsible than frivolous, but I can’t let the opportunity go to waste. The rest will be more fun I promise!

2. Clothes-$100

I don’t go shopping too often for clothes. It usually takes something like needing clothes for a shoot or special event before I buy anything. If you guys saw my closet, you’d think I had the whole mall inside of my closet, but actually it’s the opposite. Half the stuff I can’t fit, either because I ended collecting goal weight clothing (whether purposeful or I did the opposite and gained weight…sigh), and the other half aren’t clothes for every day but more special occasion type fits. Don’t even get me started about what my underwear drawers look like! So, yea, I need to get a few clothing items. I know $100 might not seem like a lot, but I love to shop at Shein as their clothes are super cheap so a little will actually go a long way (plus they have Afterpay)!

3. Running Shoes-$120

I kind of guesstimated this amount, but I figured it would be a good amount for some good running shoes. Ya’ll it has been a struggle for me and running shoes. The ones I have are old and worn out. Even worse, I have flat feet and they are a KILLER on my feet! If you guys have any actual suggestions on workout shoes that are good for people with flat feet, I would love some in the comments.

4. Glasses-$69.95+

So, this isn’t a fun purchase at all, but it is very much so needed. I have an astigmatism and I’ve had to wear glasses ever since I was in the 9th grade. I don’t need them all the time. My vision is pretty clear unless I have to see from far away. I also use them when I’m at the computer and when I drive at night. America’s best has a deal where you get two pairs of glasses for $69.95 (not an ad). My job swallowed one of my pairs, and the other pair somehow are messed up so I need more glasses. Although I would have a little bit more money left over, the plus sign is for any extra taxes or anything.

This may not seem like the most fun list, and believe me, I would be buying books, cute decor, candles, mugs, all of it! However, I wanted to be pretty realistic so that meant telling you guys what I really would choose to buy instead. We’re getting responsible over here okay!

Tell me, what would you buy with $600? I would love to know!


  1. I wonder what i would buy?? Probably something like a desktop computer so i can start streaming and show my face lol
    I would def spend money on clothes too i really want some new high quality stuff 🤭

    • A desktop would be a great purchase! I sometimes debate on if I want a really nice desktop so I can have a bigger screen and can do more than I can do on my laptop. I really want some high quality stuff too! I just feel like I need a wardrobe upgrade for sure. Those are some great items!

    • I wish it was good. I would feel like I have something together lol. If you like it then you should definitely use it! I just found the idea while Googling for blog ideas because I went blank lol. I would love to see what you’d buy!

  2. I have never actaully thought properly about what I would buy if I had the money! I guess I’d like to spend it on experiecnes like travelling but obviously that won’t be happening for a while! Lovely post!

    Amber | The Unpredicted Page

    • I know, that really does suck, but that would definitely be something fun to use it for! I’m glad you liked my post. Thanks for reading ♥

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