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Guest Post: 15 Money Affirmations To Say Everyday

Hey honeys! I understand how nerve-wrecking it can be thinking about money, or lack there of. These money mantras help me stay calm whenever I get frustrated about it and make me feel more positive about my financial situation.

These affirmations can also help your relationship with money and the way you think about it.  Let’s manifest some money into your life with these 15 money affirmations. 

1. Money is comfortable around me.

2. Money is attracted to me.

3. I have a healthy relationship with money.

4. I make smart decisions with my money.

5. Money flows effortlessly to me. 

6. I have more than enough money to meet all my needs and wants.

7. Money recognizes me.

8. I am living a financially free life. 

9. Every time I spend money, it makes its way back to me multiplied. 

10. I am in a position to receive money from many avenues. 

11. I invite wealth into my life. 

12. My career/job brings me financial security. 

13. I am worthy of a wealthy life. 

14. I live a prosperous and successful life. 

15. My thoughts about money are always positive 

Of course this is walking by faith and not by sight, so you have to truly believe that what you are speaking is what you will eventually experience. 

And when making your own affirmations, don’t ever speak in a negative manner, for example, “My bank account is not in the negatives.” You can say instead, “My bank account is always growing” What are some of your favorite money mantras? 

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  1. I know this is going to sound silly, but money is just -not- my focus these days. I have everything I need, I am incredibly blessed, and slightly more privileged than others, although I do want to be able to say I make money from my blog, lately it just seems like it’s not something I worry about. Is it just me?

    • not at all! For me, happiness and mental stability are more important. That’s why it would always annoy me a bit when I vent about my job and my money-driven friends just go “money!” But that’s awesome that you’re happy where you are and you don’t have to worry about money. I think everyone should strive for that. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  2. I love money and I love affirmations so I had to come visit. I love these. Im working towards better financial stability and I must claim it so it can come to fruition.

    • I’m working towards financial stability as well, so Aysia’s post was really perfect for me during this time. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

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