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Grinding: Is It For Everyone?

Grinding (slang): The act of putting in work; The act of working hard towards a goal or achievement. (urban dictionary)

A lot of people may be familiar with this term grinding. There are many different definitions for the word, but I mean the one I defined above. The term that people use when it comes to making money…hustling if you will.

Grinding has become such a huge thing nowadays, it’s almost as if, if you’re not grinding then what are you doing with your life?? So when you see the title of this post, you may be wondering “uh, it should be for everyone” but I’m here to tell you, that I don’t believe it is. And the thing is…another thought that may come to some of your minds is that, if it’s not for you then that just means you’re lazy or don’t really want something. This is a personal opinion, but that’s not true.

Grinding can be so tiring and draining that you can’t blame someone for not wanting to do it. I know the definition you just read for it made it seem like it just meant simply working, but a lot of times in America, it can mean working many jobs and damn near breaking your back. Sometimes there’s a purpose…like to achieve the goal of not working for someone else like I’m doing. And sometimes the purpose is to simply just make sure you’re not living in a box the next year.

I feel like grinding should be used in a different context. It should be used in a way where, if someone isn’t trying to grind, they shouldn’t be looked upon in a negative way. This is coming from a personal view. Again, you all know I just got my first job almost 3 months ago now. To make it short, I’m not the happiest. When I tell my friends I’m going to work, they’re like “make that money! Grind!” etc. That’s cool, and of course I want to make money, but the whole concept of grinding isn’t for me. The only thing keeping me going is knowing I need money and that I have a goal set in mind for the future. If anything, I feel like grinding should be used to describe doing multiple things you love. For example, I have a friend who does hair…she travels to you and all of that. She also does nanny jobs (which I think she likes for the most part). That’s what I feel like grinding should be…doing a job or multiple jobs that you love to be successful (whatever success means to you). I don’t feel like I’m grinding. I feel like I’m…slaving. Some may say slaving is part of grinding, but I think they’re antonymous and should be seen as such.

I just want to end this by saying that, you don’t have to feel like you need to grind. It’s not for everyone. Know the difference between grinding and just slaving. And if you decide you’re ready and need to get on the grind, then do so, but do so with a job(s) that don’t make you feel like you’re ready to break.


  1. I’ve always thought the word “grind” had a very harsh and brutal connotation to it, so to apply it to work life just sounds…painful and exhausting. And sadly, some of us are either too ill or too something else to be able to devote all our time and energy to the hustle.

    We do what we can do, y’know? Great post!

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