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The Hate U Give: Not Just A Movie, But A Reality.

So I was pondering on when or If I was going to talk about this. I debated on making a post last month when it happened, but I figured that since I was doing this Black History Month series, it was ... READ the POST

A Month Of Awareness.

*trigger warning: pregnancy loss, domestic violence, breast cancer* October is a month full of awareness. Last year I specifically wrote a breast cancer awareness post once a week. You can search for ... READ the POST

The Cycle Of Hate.

*Trigger warning disclaimer: this is a discussion on mass shootings and although it's a light post, please skip it if you're easily triggered.* I debated on discussing this, but honestly, this page is ... READ the POST

Don’t Stay Silenced.

It's no question that bullying is a big problem in the world and the worst problem is that it's not illegal. It's after the worst happens is when jail is involved. Before we can get into this subject, ... READ the POST

My Brain And I: Dealing With Depressive Thoughts

**DISCLAIMER: TRIGGER WARNING FOR DEPRESSION** I know, I know it's Monday so I'm sure a lot of you are already depressed enough as it is. So I know when you read this title you were thinking "ugh, is ... READ the POST

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