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The Hate U Give: Not Just A Movie, But A Reality.

So I was pondering on when or If I was going to talk about this. I debated on making a post last month when it happened, but I figured that since I was doing this Black History Month series, it was ... READ the POST

My Experience With Being Black In America

Being black in America is a different experience for each black person. Some have experienced direct forms of racism firsthand and even at very young ages. Some have experienced only indirect forms of ... READ the POST

Poem #7: #SayTheirName

Nia- White supremacist wishing she and others like her didn’t exist. Trayvon- Wanted nothing but skittles and tea but instead his life he had to plea. Eric- Police didn’t take selling cigarettes for ... READ the POST

Poetry #5: “Coexisting Pains”

Violence Just one word but it has so much meaning And causes so much trouble. Racism Just one word but it has so much meaning And is so hurtful. Together these words cause pain And right now my ... READ the POST

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