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Poem #21: Some vs. Others

Some days I feel tired. Others I feel restored. Some days I've wondered if I've strayed away. Others I'm crying out to you Lord. Some days I'm ready to end it all. Other days I'm offering to be ... READ the POST

Poem #18: No More Tears

Babygirl lift your head up For you are worth more than they make you seem Wipe those tears They leave because they’re not worth your time Your efforts Your affection Fuck them for not making you ... READ the POST

Poem #17: Black Girl Magic

The melanin in her skin The way her hair coils The fullness of her lips The strength to keep fighting for others as well as herself How can she be anything but magic? ... READ the POST

Poem #16: I Want To Live

Life is right in front of you In the birds that chirp In the wind that blows In the songs that flow through your ears All you have to do is grab it. ... READ the POST

Poem #15: Writers Block

It’s frustrating to feel so passionate Yet not find the words to express it. ... READ the POST

Poem #12: First Dates

There’s nothing more nerve wrecking than that first meet The heart palpitations and thoughts of “damn I just want him to like me” Or just hoping and praying that he’s not crazy. The checking of the ... READ the POST

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