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A-Z List Of Advice For Everyday Life!

When it comes to this life thing, it's not easy and everyone is looking for ways to make it through or some helpful tips. Sometimes you need advice and don't even know it, or you do know it but you're ... READ the POST

Help…I Can’t Stick To A Niche!

Or maybe I just don't want to. A  lot of times you see advice in the blogosphere that you should be sticking to maybe 1-3 niches. I just made up those numbers based on what I've seen. For ... READ the POST

Key Points To A Good Relationship

If you've been in a relationship or is currently in one, then you know relationships are not perfect. No matter how much you care about and love your significant other, it still takes a lot of ... READ the POST

5 In 5: What I’ve Learned In 5 Months Of Being A Blogger

It will officially be 5 months since I have entered the blogging community (as of tomorrow) and I just can't believe it. I feel like time has just gone by so quick and I published my first post just ... READ the POST

Can I Do This? Dealing With Self Doubt

Self-Doubt /ˈˌself ˈdout/ Lack of confidence in one's self and one's abilities. I haven't looked up the statistics, but I know that there's a lot of people out there in the world who deal with ... READ the POST

Don’t Stay Silenced.

It's no question that bullying is a big problem in the world and the worst problem is that it's not illegal. It's after the worst happens is when jail is involved. Before we can get into this subject, ... READ the POST

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