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He Said What!?

Calling all my ladies! This one is specifically for you!  Have you ever been on your social media, minding your own business, and saw you had a DM from someone? You go to look and it's from a ... READ the POST

Are Dating Apps The New Thing?

I feel like this post is an old age question or something by now seeing that it is 2018. I mean who meets in person these days right? Well, despite the year that it is and all the dating apps that ... READ the POST

How It Feels To Be A New Blogger + Tips I’m Learning

I started my blog just a little bit over a month now so I'm still very much so a newbie in the blogging community. I'm not sure what I expected or if I expected anything, but when I started this blog ... READ the POST

Gender Roles…Real or Fiction?

Since this pride month is coming to an end, I decided to discuss another topic that may technically not be a LGBTQ thing specifically, but still important. Gender roles I think are something we all ... READ the POST

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