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Are Dating Apps The New Thing?

I feel like this post is an old age question or something by now seeing that it is 2018. I mean who meets in person these days right? Well, despite the year that it is and all the dating apps that have been created, the question is still one to be asked. Some people are all for finding their perfect swipe right and others prefer finding their perfect match by chance in the grocery store.

As for me, dating apps are not my favorite. I’ve tried them many times in the past and I was left with twice as many headaches as I would’ve been left minding my own damn business. Granted, I can say that I did meet a few good guys along the way. Even got a boyfriend that lasted a year and eleven months (which he gave me 3x as many headaches). Over the years, I’ve even gone back to some dating apps (out of boredom) but I couldn’t stay on there for more than a week, sometimes less than that.

I’m not knocking people who use dating apps. I mean there are a variety of apps for every preference, from Christian Mingle to Tinder, there’s something for everybody. It’s just, to me they can be such a pain. If you’re really into it and on a quest to find your mate, then I can understand. If you’re just on your quest to find a mate for the night, I can understand that too. But how many times are you prepared to swipe left before you can find Mr. or Mrs. right?

It’s even to a point where even regular apps like Instagram and Tumblr are being used as dating apps. Hey, if you find someone that’s of your interest then shoot your shot. I’ve even done it myself, because why not? When we want something, most of us will try to get it regardless, but not every app should be used as a matchmaker. Granted, there have been some great relationships to come straight out of the DM’s, but those are also rare to find (not saying finding your mate from accidentally grabbing the same bag of chips in the chip aisle isn’t rare as well).

At the end of the day, I do see the reasoning for using a dating app. You get to people quicker, the more shy ones might feel more comfortable talking behind a screen first, and you have options. Just for me, they’re a no go. The headaches I constantly get from the few I have tried aren’t worth putting myself through again. But who knows, everything is expanding more and more as the years go on. Maybe dating apps will get better because I know they’ll be here to stay for a while.

Do you prefer to use dating apps to find your mate or just a hookup? Or are you more old fashion? Comment below and let’s discuss!


  1. The first guy I met through an app broke up with me after two dates. He was so serious too. I was a little confused because I always thought it was acceptable to fade away after two dates, but he had a long speech prepared and everything.

    Oh well. Still not as bad as the time I dated a neighbor. (Don’t date your neighbor)

    • Its ok, the first time my ex that I met online (yes there were multiple times throughout the year and 11 months) broke up with me was two days later because he was still in love with his ex. And I only have old or married neighbors with young kids so I’m good on that lol

  2. It’s a strange one. I lack confidence so joining dating apps has helped get myself out there and speaking to people. But it’s not led in the direction I hoped (Or wanted it to), so it’s a puzzling one!

  3. I’m actually one of those people who met their boyfriend online kind of by accident. Neither of us was looking for love online, but we happened to be playing the same online game and started chatting out of boredom. Seven years, two dogs and a house later, we’re still together!

    The other people I had previously met online were total headaches as well, though.

    Kate |

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