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He Said What!?

Calling all my ladies! This one is specifically for you! 

Have you ever been on your social media, minding your own business, and saw you had a DM from someone? You go to look and it’s from a guy. Before even looking at the message, you already assume it might be some bull. You want to just delete it automatically, but you TRY to have the benefit of the doubt. So you open the message just to end up wishing you didn’t look at the message at all. I guarantee that the message said something that might have made you want to hurl.

I’m a firm believer that a lot of men have something I’d like to call “foot in mouth syndrome“. This can also be known as asshole syndrome, “I don’t know how to approach ladies” syndrome, and of course, “maybe I should’ve stayed to myself” syndrome. The internet, your DM’s, and messages on your phone are filled with men who make you go “He said what!?” From the terrible pickup lines, to the ego-filled disses after they’ve been rejected, to the terrible opinions on women’s issues that weren’t asked for. Note, if there are men that did decide to read this blog post, realize this isn’t a hit on all men. In science, you learn not to use the word all(at least from what I was taught). It’s almost like saying a bad word. This is kind of the same thing. I’m not using the word all, but instead saying a lot of or a hefty percentage. If you apply to the percentage, then maaaybe it’s time for little change.

Now that, PSA is done, here’s what made me want to talk about this. I was on Tumblr and there was this guy I was chatting with in my DMs for maybe two days. He didn’t seem too bad, but then I got the message. I think you ladies know what I’m talking about. It starts with “I’m going to be in your city.” That’s when you’re kind of like…ok? Fortunately, he didn’t know what city I was in, but he knew which state so he told me was going to be in that state. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop there and he continued with a statement that I won’t repeat. It’s safe to say he didn’t receive a response. It made me think…what’s wrong with some guys? That’s not the first off the wall statement I’ve gotten before either, trust me. Some start off on the wrong side. Forget the wrong foot, the entire side is just off.

This is what I mean by foot in mouth syndrome. Men need to keep their feet out of their mouths and use the brain that’s on top of their heads. I think the worst part is that sometimes these crazy off the wall comments work. Once it works, then they feel they should use it again. As women, we have to stop giving them that idea. I know I’m tired of the headaches…how about you? Of course, some men can get rejected a thousand times and still continue. Those are the ones I like to call repeat offenders.

It’s time to stop giving attention to those who suffer the foot in mouth syndrome and just pray one day they find a cure.


  1. Hahaha love this, honestly got no idea what goes through their minds. I hate it when you are having a nice chat and your like omggg this one is alright and then BAM they hit you with an inappropriate comment and your eyes just roll to the back of your head with sass haha! x

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