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How It Feels To Be A New Blogger + Tips I’m Learning

I started my blog just a little bit over a month now so I’m still very much so a newbie in the blogging community. I’m not sure what I expected or if I expected anything, but when I started this blog I knew that I wanted to showcase my poetry as well as talk about different subjects. My experience in this community so far has been pretty good. Bloggers are definitely friendly and all about helping each other. That is something I really appreciate. When I’m blogging, I feel good. Even though doing this was something that I just randomly decided, it was a decision that in a short time has made me happy. I feel myself being dedicated to this for a long time.

Over this month I have already learned a few things while also growing some frustrations. If you’re just starting out, maybe you can relate as well and also learn some tips while being a newbie blogger.


This is the first tip as it is the most important. I feel like there’s a certain type of blogger personality you see often in the community and it makes it feel like you have to go along with that type. DON’T. Just be yourself. I’m still trying to make sure I follow this tip as I feel myself drift sometimes. I do the best to stay as authentic as I can in my posts. I even curse a little in them (not as much as I do in person) because that’s who I am. It’s what I do and I want to show all of who I am…whether you like it or not.


This is a tip I need to work on. So far I’ve seen plenty of bloggers that are in the UK and not many in the states let alone in my own state. I still have searching to do and of course they exist, I just have to do searching (which I haven’t yet). I do say though, once you find bloggers in your area or hometown, you should link up, connect, make friends. I think it’s important to get that base of friends that are into the same things you are. It’s crucial to get that support.


This brings me to tip #3, another big one I might add. Honestly, I’m pretty convinced I’m writing these tips for me to remember at this point. Being as shy, introverted, and anxiety ridden as I am it can be hard to chat with others. This tip is similar to the other one, but more so applies to just connecting in general. A lot of times you’re working to get your blog noticed by sharing your website link (a thousand times I might add) but it’s important to not just share it and click out. Take time to check out others blogs as well. We’re all trying to get a nice following here and it can be hard. Help others as well as yourself. Comment on blogs, participate in chats, join groups….do whatever you have to do. Communicating may not be your strong suit, but the further along you get into the blogging world, you’ll see it’s something that must be worked on. You learn that very soon. I learned it within weeks and I’m still working on it as we speak.


I’m one that needs to have my blog as close to perfect as possible or I won’t be happy, but you can’t always be a perfectionist. You’re just starting out. Sometimes you might have to go with the crappy theme until you’re able to get something better. Work with it. Do the best you can. Yes, you should be happy with your blog, but sometimes you just have to work with what you got.


Lord this is one that I’m struggling with still. With a lot of things people do online such as Youtube, Instagram, blogging…you see them getting paid for their posts. This makes you ready to make money when you’ve only made like one post (yea it’s not that easy). But that’s why it’s important to keep connecting (are you seeing a connection here?). Do I wish my blog was getting me revenue? Hell yea I do, but I’m not going to go crazy about it. I’m still new, it’ll take time. Maybe it’ll happen…maybe not. It’s not going to stop me from blogging and I hope it won’t stop you. If that is something you’d like though, I do suggest you take the steps into figuring out how to make it happen. Anything is possible!


I think this speaks for itself. Creativity is important to attract your audience and keep them coming back for more. Don’t worry about being all super fancy and thinking you have to pay to make your pictures look amazing or any of that stuff. Not true at all. You do wonders with free sites. The one I love to use is Figure out what you like and make magic!


A very much so hard one for me. It’s hard seeing my posts with low notes (or even worse…my poetry posts that typically get no notes) and I often get upset or hard on myself, but it’s important not too. Know that everyone struggles with this, not just us newbies. Also realize that your post doesn’t suck or you should’ve written something better. What you did was fine. Things just take time. Just keep promoting your posts and remember to never give up on yourself.


This one goes for anybody as well. Being new, you want to make sure you get stuff out as much as possible in order to get noticed. Something I do is write all my posts in one day and schedule them. I have made a post for everyday of the week thus far. Yes it does take a lot of work, but it helps get your work out there. You don’t have to make posts every day, this isn’t something I will always do because I won’t always have the time, but making a schedule is important and you should always do your best to stick with it. But saying this,Taking an internet break is ok as well and don’t feel obligated to keep going if you need one. This goes for new and old bloggers.


In tip #4 I stated not be a perfectionist, still true, but you should also be happy with your blog. Your blog is like your baby and you just want the best for it. Take care of it. Make whatever changes you feel you need to make. This blog is yours and no one else’s. Express yourself through it however you please. Don’t fit in a box. Create a world that makes you happy.


Lastly, just have fun! In the words of the Joker….why so serious? You should always enjoy what you’re doing. If you’re not, then why are you doing it?

Question: What’s one tip you would give a new blogger?


  1. Welcome, hun! I’m still a newbie too. Almost two months. I definitely agree with the blogging community being so supportive, and friendly. My biggest issue is probably being too much of a perfectionist sometimes, but I’m trying to ease up. Lol. Good luck with everything! (:

  2. This is so true!! Most of the times, we want our blog to be perfect but there’s no such thing as perfect. Also, I find myself changing everything all the time lol- so i learned that sometimes you just have to do it and be yourself! Love your post btw 🙂 I am a new blogger and would really love it if we can support each other! Looking forward to reading more of your posts 🙂



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