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An Update On My Bible Reading Journey

It's been two months since the My Journey with Religion post that I made in May. Overall, I updated you guys on where I was with my religion in the past, where I am currently, and where I want to be. ... READ the POST

My Journey With Religion

Happy Friday everyone! Today, I'm talking about a subject that I don't talk about often, but I have mentioned before on my blog, and that's religion. I've made posts like God Do You Hear Me and ... READ the POST

Falling Back Into Faith

I haven't made many blog posts on here regarding my religion, but I felt it was important to touch on this subject...falling back into faith. The title isn't necessarily an indication that I've just ... READ the POST

God Do You Hear Me?

This one's for my Christians like myself. I feel like throughout a christian's life there comes a moment where their religion or Christianity might be questioned. This doesn't pertain to every one, ... READ the POST

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