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An Update On My Bible Reading Journey

It's been two months since the My Journey with Religion post that I made in May. Overall, I updated you guys on where I was with my religion in the past, where I am currently, and where I want to be. ... READ the POST

My Journey With Religion

Happy Friday everyone! Today, I'm talking about a subject that I don't talk about often, but I have mentioned before on my blog, and that's religion. I've made posts like God Do You Hear Me and ... READ the POST

Blogmas Day 21: Christ In Christmas

I know during Christmas time, a lot of people get caught up in Santa clause and gifts, but Christmas is about much more than that. Christmas is about Jesus and celebrating his birth. I know I may not ... READ the POST

Being A Christian And Supporter Of The LGBTQ Community

This will be my last post for pride month you guys. I saved the best for last and for sure probably the most controversial. Being a christian and being a supporter can be somewhat difficult if you ... READ the POST

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