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Falling Back Into Faith

I haven’t made many blog posts on here regarding my religion, but I felt it was important to touch on this subject…falling back into faith. The title isn’t necessarily an indication that I’ve just fully strayed away from my religion…that’s not the case, but I have realized I’ve fallen back just a bit. I think that’s common sometimes though, especially for young people. It can be a struggle this day and age. Young people go through so much…much more than what older generations want to believe. This can either cause some of us to get closer to God or to begin to stray away.

With that being said, that’s not necessarily the case for me. I live with extremely religious grandparents and sometimes when you have religion shoved down your throat, it can also cause you to back away for a little bit. I always have and always will believe in Jesus, but I also wonder if he still believes in me. If some of these words seem familiar, then you remember the post I did last year titled “God Do You Hear Me?” basically discussing how I’ve strayed and how I feel like if I prayed God wouldn’t hear my prayers.

That post was about how I’ve fallen out of faith, but this one is about falling back into faith because it’s possible. No, I don’t have any steps or tips to get there or a success story telling you how I’ve fully gotten my way back. This journey is just starting for me and it’s going to take a while to get there, I won’t lie. Anything I do, no matter what it is, takes time for me to do. I will say though, keeping my belief in Jesus is a good start. I want to do this for no one else but myself. I’m not trying to make my religious family proud. I’m not trying to become something I never was, because I’ll never be as super religious as my grandparents. I’m trying to get back to something I used to be and always wanted to continue to be. I can always continue to just pay tithe and pray when I get in the car for safety and leave it at that, but that’s not enough.

My current self will always fight the self I’m trying to be, but I’m willing to battle and if you’re trying to fall back into faith then I hope you’re willing to battle along with me.

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