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January 2024 Monthly Update: Let The Year Begin

The new year has officially begun with one month being checked off the list! January is always a month that I look forward to, not just because of the new year, but because my birthday is in ... READ the POST

August 2023 Monthly Update: Bye Bye Summer

I am so sad because August is gone and we are entering September, which means that fall is creeping upon us. Though this summer was a very hot one, it's still my favorite season and I feel as if it ... READ the POST

March 2023 Monthly Update: A Newsletter Dilemma

April is here and it's like a breath of fresh air! I believe April is truly the start of spring because more flowers are growing and the spring colors have come into full bloom. It's also a month ... READ the POST

January 2023 Monthly Update: A New Year, A New Age, A New Start

Happy Black History Month! I must say, it feels as if the month hit me out of nowhere, but we've made it here into February! Not only is this a new year and now a new month, but I've also just ... READ the POST

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