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March 2023 Monthly Update: A Newsletter Dilemma

April is here and it’s like a breath of fresh air! I believe April is truly the start of spring because more flowers are growing and the spring colors have come into full bloom. It’s also a month that’s refreshing for many because people are often beginning their spring cleaning around this time.

As refreshing as it is to hop into the month of April and dive into the April goals, let’s first look into March and check in on the goals that were made and accomplished!

Learn ASL numbers 1-50. One of my goals this year was to start learning ASL, and I’m proud of myself because I’m on the right track! Not only that, I’m even more proud of myself because, I didn’t just learn numbers 1-50 in ASL, but I learned numbers 1-100 and colors as well! I’m excited to see what new words or phrases I learn this month!

Begin reading my chosen book. I didn’t keep up the reading as planned, but I did start on my reading a little bit this month. If I keep up with working on my reading, I hope to get to a place where I’m reading even more than I’m online!

Finish tech deep clean. It took some time and I might have a bit more to go, but I did finish my tech deep clean mostly. I encourage everyone to deep clean their tech items and social media accounts every once in a while. Doing a tech deep clean looks like cleaning out your photo albums on your phone, deleting old folders and files on your laptop/desktop computer, going through your following/follower list on your socials, and more.

I think that my goal of reaching 70 email subscribers should also be mentioned. Though I didn’t reach my goal, I was one subscriber away from my target! Sometimes you have to celebrate coming close to the target and not just when you make the target. Though I will say, I do need to find a way to fix this newsletter dilemma of receiving more subscribers as well as more opens in my newsletters.

Now let’s look into what goals I have to look forward to for April!

  • Reach my 70 newsletter subscriber goal
  • Update my podcast Instagram
  • Reach 2k plays on my podcast
  • Finish reading book
  • Sell clothes on Poshmark

I think April will be a promising month and I can’t wait to see what goals I’ll accomplish! What goals do you have planned for April? Share them with me in the comments!

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