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May Monthly Update 2020: Ya’ll…It’s Rough

There's just something about the first of the month being on a Monday. I'm not sure what it is exactly. Having the first day of a new month begin at the beginning of the week is like a super charge or ... READ the POST

April Monthly Update 2020: Did I Succeed!?

How are we feeling after a month of quarantine? Let me know below. I am honestly feeling pretty ok. Do I wish life was back to normal? Not 100%. I miss being able to do normal things like just walking ... READ the POST

January Life Update 2020

There you have it. One month down! We have gone through the first month of 2020 and I've already seen posts on social media about January being the trial or practice month for February. The only thing ... READ the POST

December 2019 Life Update

Although we are in the year 2020 now, there's still one more 2019 monthly update to do. I can't believe that this is it and next month I'll be giving you guys a January 2020 monthly crazy ... READ the POST

Blogmas Day 1: November Life Update 2019

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link. If you choose to purchase through the link, it will be of no extra cost to you but it will help me out. Happy December! It's the last month of the ... READ the POST

August Life Update 2019

*Cues September by Earth, Wind, and Fire* Anyone else plays that song the second September hits? I promise you guys the second it became September 1st, I cracked open Spotify and started jamming. ... READ the POST

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