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August Life Update 2019

*Cues September by Earth, Wind, and Fire*

Anyone else plays that song the second September hits? I promise you guys the second it became September 1st, I cracked open Spotify and started jamming. Don’t get it twisted though, I’m not ready for fall not one bit. I feel like I’m going through a seasonal crisis and I’m just trying to squeeze in one more summer outfit photoshoot before the fall weather snaps on me. Anyone else like this? Please comment below if I’m not alone because I know the second August hits people are already getting their fall outfits and Halloween costumes together. I am just NOT that girl! Anywho, it’s time for a little August life update!

As always, here’s a reminder of the goals I made for August and I’ll go over the ones I managed to accomplish:

august 19 goals

Read more blog posts. I could be a lot better when it comes to reading other blog posts, but I’m doing better than I was before. I’m going to keep working on it and being more active in the community!

Be consistent with using my planner. Ok, so I haven’t necessarily done this one, but I’ve started! I don’t use it too often, but I’ve written some things in it here and there. I’ve noticed that my intentions were to write dates and plan things out but I also feel like I don’t have much to plan out. I may not be too booked and busy right now, but I know it’s coming!

Create new and better podcast and blog post content. I think I’ve done pretty well with this, and I’m only going up from here! Also, if you didn’t know I had a podcast, then where have you been!? I have a podcast called The Black Princess Diaries (same as blog) on Spotify and Anchorfm. Click the Spotify icon at the top right of my page and catch up!

Check out my September goals below!

♥continue interacting more in the blogging community

♥do more collabs with other bloggers

♥promote my podcast more

♥work on budgeting

♥work on being more healthy/fit

♥get a routine going

ps. I was interviewed about my blog and I wrote about my experience! Check that blog post out here.


  1. I think it would surprise very few people that when September hits I’m all over those pumpkin spice lattes, but at the same time, I’m planning on taking advantage of every last drop of the warm weather before fall and winter properly hit 🙂

  2. I’m on the fence as well, this is my favourite time of year but I’m also not ready to let go of warm weather, especially since we have hardly had any here. Well done on accomplishing what you did with Augusts goals, good luck with September

    Jordanne ||

  3. Congratulations on accomplishing your August goals and on your interview. I’m with you on the changing seasons. I want to wear a sexy summer outfit before autumn hits. Being consistent with my planner is a process too. But I know it helps me keep track of my progress in both personal and professional goals.

    • Thank you love! And I don’t know why I’m being this way when my birthday is in January and I’ve literally worn short dresses in the winter lol. I guess it’s just the pressure of knowing summer is ending. And yes I’ve got to seriously get better with using my planner.

  4. Great job on your goals and good luck for next month! I love fall stuff, but yeah, I’m not ready for it either! Fun fact… idk if you watched the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but the actor that plays Carlton, his birthday is the 21st of September like in the song. Hahah!

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