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December 2019 Life Update

Although we are in the year 2020 now, there’s still one more 2019 monthly update to do. I can’t believe that this is it and next month I’ll be giving you guys a January 2020 monthly update…how crazy is that!? But, before I get too ahead of myself, let’s get to the very last update for 2019.

Here’s a recap of the goals I made for December:

december 2019 goals

So, sadly the only thing I’ve accomplished is to get more organized with my socials. I really wanted to go full force in December, but it seems like work, life, and mental issues have gotten in the way of me accomplishing anything…but that’s ok. Sometimes we won’t have successful months of smashing goals. It’s just motivation to go hard next time!

Now let’s move on to a fresh start…my January goals! Last month for my last post in December and for blogmas, I wrote a2019 recap including my overall goals for the year of 2020. Each month, I’ll be sharing a goal from that post that I focused on from the little goals I accomplished for the month (hopefully that makes sense). I am human, so I might forget or something, but that’s the end goal just to keep myself accountable. Maybe you guys can help me out as well! 2020 we’re going to get more things done!

January Goals


♥work on finalizing my merch designs

♥interview a blogger

♥interact more on socials


♥go to the gym 2x a week

♥read and finish a book (the financial diet)

♥practice using face brush daily

What are your goals for the first month of 2020?? Comment below and we can help keep each other accountable!



  1. Good luck with your goals! I am hoping to start focusing more on my mental and physical health as well as expanding my social media presence in the hopes of growing my blog!

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