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Poem #18: No More Tears

Babygirl lift your head up For you are worth more than they make you seem Wipe those tears They leave because they’re not worth your time Your efforts Your affection Fuck them for not making you ... READ the POST

Poem #17: Black Girl Magic

The melanin in her skin The way her hair coils The fullness of her lips The strength to keep fighting for others as well as herself How can she be anything but magic? ... READ the POST

Poem #11: Trapped Soul

Inside she feels so empty. her heart is cold as ice. the tears are all dry like the sahara desert. she wonders the mystery of life. where she will go next. the feelings for others aren’t ... READ the POST

Poem #6: “More Than Friends”

It’s amazing when you look and see these people These people that aren’t your family yet feel closer than some blood People who would fight for you Die for you And although this world may seem so ... READ the POST


It sucks how much relationships hurt No How much people hurt And even while now single and happy I somehow can still end my night in tears Thinking of the past and all I’ve endured How all I’ve ... READ the POST

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