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Poem #11: Trapped Soul

Inside she feels so empty.

her heart is cold as ice.

the tears are all dry

like the sahara desert.

she wonders the mystery of life.

where she will go next.

the feelings for others aren’t there

and she wishes she could care

for others but

she just doesn’t feel that compassion.

to her, love is nothing but a distraction

from the real world.

nothing but worry and stress.

taking care of others but not of herself

she just needs a release.

somewhere to go and breathe.

away from turmoil and annoyance

and from people who bring her down

about her weight and telling her

that her feelings don’t matter.

she needs to learn to feel again and be one

with herself.

to find who she is in this world.

she needs an escape.

her soul is trapped and needs to be set free.


  1. Deep. Sounds like this woman is overcome by others expectations and she gives so much that there is nothing left for herself. Sounds like this woman needs to be filled up again, renewed, and refreshed. Only selfcare, selflove, and anything feeding the spirit and soul will make her strong again. I’ve been there many times. Take it easy!

    Teri –

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